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PARTICIPANTS, In their words...

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Organizations committed to DEI

need to understand race!

Why Race Literacy?

Because for more than 20 years, our race literacy programs have helped organizations and individuals relieve racial stress, and work together toward a better tomorrow. 

Our Vision

An equitable world free
from racism.


Our Mission

To heal racial conditioning through information that leads to transformation.


Racial Equity in DEI

An organization cannot have equity without a deep understanding of race.

Of all the DEI topics, race holds the greatest charge, and is the most difficult for organizations to deal with.

So, how does an organization help employees have better communication about this very important topic?

Race Literacy Monthly

Employees from different industries and backgrounds gather the first Monday of the month to deepen their learning, have powerful conversations, and be coached through difficult experiences. We are creating a community of support, growth, and healing. WATCH VIDEO

Race Literacy Keeps
You Awake & Aware

• Adding context to current events

• Giving employees  ways to deal with racial stress

• Keeping the focus on healing and transformation


Good for All

Organizations participating will have:

Monthly training

• Visibility of DEI commitment

• 12-Month Certificate of Completion

• A place to speak of Current events

• Healing conversations

• Workable Solutions

• Access to a variety of  participants 

• Opportunity to exchange best practices

• Coaching on real issues

• A forum for sharing

• Greater understanding of race



Meet Your Training Goals 

Race Literacy Lunch & Learn is designed to help organizations achieve their equity goals by providing continual training.

Your participation in this program will not only provide training for your employees, but it will also give community members who traditionally cannot afford these types of programs the opportunity to join for a nominal fee.

Founder’s Story

Milagros created Race Literacy Lunch & Learn after the murder of George Floyd, to help people around the world heal from the trauma. People from around the world continued to participate in these weekly programs (monthly as of 2022).


Race Literacy 
Lunch & Learn

This unique program gives employees and community members the opportunity to learn about race together and heal together.

“Transform and uplift…”

“Milagros uses words and stories to transform and uplift understanding of race AND our deepest core beliefs. She transformed and simplified how I look at my own history and shadow work. I hope everyone has an opportunity to hear her wisdom.”  K. Riva



Your Benefits

Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Learning from other industries

  • Some sponsorships include a virtual presentation by Milagros

  • 12-month certificate of completion for your organization

  • Your brand affiliated with a monthly commitment to doing something about racism

  • Hyperlink to your website

  • Enhance your DEI-related marketing by participating in a program that benefits your employees and community

  • Exhibitor opportunities, your company logo displayed at our events

  • Promotion on social online media. As we promote our programs, we will  mention the companies that are committed to creating equity by understanding race.

  • Speaking opportunity at the events. We will be inviting speakers from various companies to share their DEI challenges, goals, and progress

  • Special discounts to our premium programs for your staff,  clients and vendors

  • Promotion in upcoming media. You may get mentioned in Milagros’ articles & newsletter

  • Proof-point for DEI Visibility. You’re not just talking or writing about equity on your mission statement. You are actually engaged in a monthly dialogue and creating an action plan.

“Incredibly grounding…”

“Sessions with Milagros have been incredibly grounding, supportive, and empowering, along with educational, and I look forward to everything that is next on this journey.” J. King




Why Invest in Race Literacy

Organizations with a diverse workforce thrive!

“Companies in the top quartile for racial/ethnic diversity were 35 percent more likely to have financial returns above their national industry median” Diversity Matters, McKinsey & Company,

  • More innovation & productivity

  • Better communication

  • More supportive of a diverse workforce


Your Commitment Matters

  • Investment in well being of your greatest asset, your employees

  • Creating a great work culture

  • Commitment to attraction and retention

  • Employees see that management really cares

  • Creates loyalty

  • Allows us to continue to bring these programs to the greater community.


What this can do for your employees

  • Unique opportunity to interact and network with other organizations, and members of the community

  • Helps employees make sense of current events, and assists them in moving through racial trauma

  • People from all walks of life, and from all levels

  • of the organization can participate

  • The focus is on healing from racial conditioning

  • There is a 6-month commitment for Sponsors



What Participants Say …

“I attended 5…”

“I attended 5 of the previous lunch and learns offered by Milagros. Before, I struggled with not feeling like I could have conversations about race because no one in my circle of friends and family really wanted to go 'there.' Now, I feel like there's a way out of institutional and systemic racism. Milagros with her wisdom, compassion, and super smart lessons points the way(s). It is a testament to her gift and leadership to see 400 people gather on a call, of all colors and walks of life, and we learn together as a community. It is the perfect blend upper level and down to earth conversation, so necessary for a topic that is so hard to confront. Thank you, Milagros.” Jenn P.


“As a Canadian Black woman…”

When George Floyd was murdered, I tried to ignore the deep discomfort and pain I was feeling. To pretend that this level of ongoing violence was not part of my world as a Canadian Black woman. Unfortunately, it is and it stirred deep within me all of the pain I have experienced being born and raised in a country that takes pride in being open-minded and multicultural but that hides subtle acts of racism and micro-aggressions. When I finally decided to attend one of Milagros' "Healing from Racial Trauma" workshops, I was faced with a solution to the uprise that was happening in the world around me.  I would highly recommend these workshops for anyone who has been affected by racism or who wants to find ways to navigate the current climate powerfully. P. Jaboin


About the Creator/Facilitator

Milagros Phillips is a keynote speaker, TEDx presenter, five times author, and certified coach. She designs strategic learning programs for organizations seeking to enhance their Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion initiatives through race literacy.


Her programs use history, science, research, and storytelling to create compelling, life-transforming experiences. For more than 35 years Milagros has consulted, designed, and facilitated programs across many industries. Her latest book, CRACKING THE HEALER'S CODE - A Prescription for Healing Racism & Finding Wholeness, is available on Amazon.

Milagros is a recipient of the 2021 NEW THOUGHT WALDEN AWARD for Interfaith/Intercultural Understanding. She serves on the American Ballet Theater (ABT) RISE Advisory Council.

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